Sponsorship Opportunities

Why would a company spend their marketing dollars sponsoring a class reunion for a bunch of 67-year-old retirees?

That “bunch” is likely to be a group of 150 retirees, most of whom are still active consumers of commodities like:

      • Medicare Supplements
      • Restaurants and Recreation
      • Healthcare and Fitness
      • Travel and Vacation Rentals
      • Auto and Home Maintenance
      • Investment Opportunities

 Moreover the distribution list for that group reaches more than 400 readers including spouses – and our email get read ! So, the question becomes, given the cost per lead, why wouldn’t a company consider spending a tiny portion of their annual marketing budget to sponsor such an event?

Why would a 1973 Class Alumni want to sponsor this event when they are going to attend anyway?

When we had our 40th reunion, costs were roughly $50.00 per person to attend the evening event with dinner. At that cost, a number of alumni simply could not afford to attend along with their spouses. Even charging $50 per person, the alumni committee only had a left-over amount of $350.00 which became seed money for this reunion. Prices were accurately based on costs. Those costs have gone up! Unless we raise outside funds, the cost of an equivalent event today could be $80–$100 per person.

Our goal is to make sure every alumni can afford to attend the event. By becoming a sponsor, you help reduce the ticket costs across the board and help insure that nobody is left out.

Sponsorship Levels

Basic Sponsorship – $250.00

You get:

  • Logo, Link and description on our reunion website
  • Logo and mention in all of our outgoing emails
  • Your literature distributed at our reunion
  • Logo and contact info on event pull-up banners

Executive Sponsorship – $500.00

You get all of the above plus:

  • Logo and contact info on event memorabilia
  • Opportunity to attend the event at discounted price*

Benefactor Sponsorship – $1,000.00

You get all of the above plus:

  • Emphasized logo and contact info on event
    pull-up banners and memorabilia
  • Complimentary attendance for two at the event*

Premier Sponsorship – $2,500.00

(only one opening available)
You get all of the above plus:

  • Large company banner at the event
  • Five-minute presentation at the event
  • Complimentary attendance for two at the event*

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What you don’t get

In the interest of full disclosure, we’ve made a commitment to NOT share the email and phone contacts of our alumni. Attendance at the event will provide you an opportunity for face-to-face introductions and relationship building but it will not be an environment for hard selling.

* Note: Sponsorship attendance offerings are specific to each level and are not cumulative

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