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What to expect for your first massage with Jennifer

Welcome and Intake

We all know that visiting a new health practitioner can cause a little bump in our anxiety. What should you expect when you go see Jennifer?

First, you will be greeted and welcomed into her office. If you have already printed and completed the , you have already mastered the most difficult part of the visit. If you haven’t, you will be asked to do so then. Once the paperwork is complete, Jennifer will look over your information, ask for clarification on any items of concern and ask for you to describe any pain, numbness, or discomfort you are currently having. Jennifer will also ask for clarification of your goals for that day’s massage and bodywork session. Afterward, you will be invited into the treatment room.

At this point, depending on what the goal of the day is, you will be instructed to undress to your comfort level and to get on the massage table under the sheet and blanket. What does that mean, comfort level? It simply means for you to undress to where you are most comfortable in your modesty, but that I can work effectively on your body. Some clients remove all their clothing, some keep most of their clothing on. It’s all a personal preference. And really, if we’re working only on your neck, there’s no reason to be nude. Meanwhile, Jennifer will be out of the room prepping for your massage by washing her hands. After knocking on the treatment room door and your response to enter, she will come into the treatment room and the therapeutic bodywork massage will begin.


In the state of Texas, draping is required. Only the body part that is being worked on is to be uncovered at any point in the massage. This is non-negotiable. If you become too warm, we can remove the blanket, but the sheet will stay covering your body.


Massage is about communication. We are your team, you and me. I know what your muscles let me do, but I don’t know how that feels to you. That is where I need your assistance. Please help me decode the puzzle of your pain and let me know what you are feeling. If you have localized pain, traveling or referred pain, if something is uncomfortable or simply feels really freeing, let me know all those things. We are a team helping your body to be at a great state of ease.

At any point in the massage, if there is anything I can do to help make you feel more comfortable, please instruct me how to do so.

Hands-on Time

An hour is an hour, not 45, 50, or 55 minutes. If you pay for an hour, you receive an hour-long session. Unlike many chain massage therapy establishments which treat their massage therapists and clients like a massage factory, get a client in – get them out, Jennifer takes her time and provides you with the care you deserve. It is Jennifer’s full intent for clients to be receiving massage for every minute they are paying. Therefore, she adds in time to the appointment time slots in case of needed discussions prior to the bodywork session, a client is slightly late to their appointment, or at home self-care needs to be discussed after the massage. These will not take up valuable time from the table work.This being said, you can see how important it is to be on time to your appointment. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated.


We accept cash, credit cards, checks, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, HSA cards!

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Failure to cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance or failure to show up for your appointment will result in a charge of 50% of the scheduled appointment fee, which will be processed on the credit card retained on file to reserve the appointment.

If you will be more than 15 minutes late to an appointment, that appointment will need to be rescheduled and you will be charged 50% of the scheduled appointment fee, which will be processed on the credit card retained on file to reserve the appointment.