Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some therapists consider “deep tissue” a massage technique that is more pressure than what would be used while giving a Swedish massage, which is very mild to moderate pressure. Others consider “deep tissue” to be deep enough to be pain inducing to the client. If I were to do a deep tissue massage, it would be the latter. But I am not a person that likes pain and I do not believe the old adage that “no pain means no gain.” I can show many examples of when using less pressure, more pulling has helped a client with much, much less physical pain. This is why many times, when clients have asked me for a deep tissue massage, I suggest we start out slow and they let me know when enough pressure is enough. Most of the time, these clients will not end up paying for a deep tissue massage. As a matter of fact, I have removed the distinction from my services list and now only charge by the time, not the style or pressure of massage.